Workshop on Development Competition and Attestation Rules for Civil Service

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The Civil Service Bureau of Georgia together with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) hosted a three day workshop on the development of competition and attestation rules for civil service. The workshop involved German Professor Dieter Umbach, Georgian Profressor Paata Turava, and representatives from the Ministry of Justice and the Civil Service Bureau.

During the workshop, different topics were discussed, namely, relevant Georgian legislation, additional related topics in the field of competition and attestation that should be taken into consideration and international practice. Furthermore, the strategy and timetable of implementation of the drafted rules for approval were considered. The CSB plans to hold a public discussion for the Human Resource Managers of different state agencies in the near future with the aim to present the outcome of the workshop.

The rules in the field of competition and attestation are determined by the Ordinances of the President of Georgia; however, in accordance with recent amendments to the Law of Georgia on Civil Service, those rules should be adopted by Governmental decree before April 1, 2014.

One of the main priorities of an effective civil service system is the purified appointments and attestation procedures of public servants. For this, it is of great significance that adopted procedures are transparent, that the rights of applicants are protected and that employers have flexibility and effective guiding rules. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the Civil Service Bureau is to clarify laws and make them in line with international standards.