Workshop on Developing Ethics Manual for Civil Service

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The Civil Service Bureau (CSB) and German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) hosted a two day workshop which was organized to create a guidebook on ethics for civil servants. The workshop was led by the invited experts from the German dbb Academy and involved participants from the Ministries of Defense and Interior Affairs, Transparency International Georgia, as well as representatives of the academic sector.

The main topics for the book and examples were agreed upon during the workshop. Participants also decided who will be responsible for the preparation of each chapter. The organizational frameworks and future plans were also discussed.

The project, "Ethics in Civil Service", is a joint project of the GIZ and CSB. It consists of several stages: a workshop, an elaboration of the guidebook on ethics, and the curriculum for the trainings on these matters. Furthermore, dbb Academy will provide a training of trainers and certify the successful trainers, who will be granted permission to train civil servants..

The Civil Service Bureau continues working on issues of training for and improvement of high standards for the civil service and will continue to support this process in the future.