Presentation of the Guidebook on e-Participation and e-Petitioning

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On the 8th of May, the "Guidebook for Public Servants on e-Participation and e-Petitioning" was presented by the Civil Service Bureau in the framework of the EU-Georgia E-Governance Facility Program funded by the European Union.

The Guidebook was introduced to the audience by an expert from the contractor organization Diadikasia Business Consultants, Mr. Kostas Drakas. Director of the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia, Dr. Catherine Kardava, and Chairman at Data Exchange Agency, Mr. Irakli Gvenetadze, made introductory remarks for the presentation regarding the importance of the e-Governance projects for Georgian civil service.

The Government of Georgia considers e-Governance to be one of the top priorities for the country within the public administration reform process. Therefore, establishment and development of E-participation and E-petitioning system is very important task for the country.

The presentation was attended by the representatives of different state agencies, educational institutions, international and local organizations.

The Guidebook sets out modern views in regard to e-Participation and e-Petitioning and shows examples of the successful implementation of these ideas in Georgia and internationally. The information provided in the Guidebook will be beneficial for not only public officials but generally all citizens, not only in raising their awareness in the above mentioned issues but for implementing given recommendations in practice. Transparency and high accountability of public service is an essential precondition for an effective public sector.

Guide Book for Public Servants on E-participation and E-petitioning