Presentation of the Governmental Draft Decree on the Competition and Attestation Rules

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On March 14, the Civil Service Bureau and German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) held a presentation and discussion on the rules of competition and attestation for human resources managers of different state agencies.

The goal of the meeting was to fulfill the project and to reflect the positions of those HR practitioners who are involved. The rules in the field of competition and attestation are determined by the Ordinances of the President of Georgia; however, in accordance with recent amendments to the Law of Georgia on Civil Service, those rules should be adopted by Governmental Decree before April 1, 2014.

During the meeting the following topics were discussed and formulated: the enhanced role of the Civil Service Bureau during the process of competition and attestation, transparency of recruitment procedures, determination of the rights and remedies of applicants, insuring effective and flexible nature of the rule for public institutions, informing the Government of Georgia about conducted competitions and attestations within state agencies and its harmonization with law.

The purpose of this amendment is to increase the confidence of society towards the competition process within the Civil Service, to prepare a platform for ongoing civil service reform and to make rules on attestation that is relevant to civil service legislation.