Meetings on the Introduction of the Asset Declaration Monitoring System

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The Civil Service Bureau of Georgia in partnership with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) conducted individual meetings with different stakeholders on the introduction of the asset declarations monitoring system on March 12-14.

The Civil Service Bureau has been working on monitoring issues since 2012. Research and two round table discussions were held with participation of international experts, non-governmental and governmental organizations. As prescribed by the Decree N 775 of the Government of Georgia, the Civil Service Bureau is obliged to develop recommendations about the introduction of an asset declarations monitoring system.

The Bureau continues working in this direction, planning to prepare concrete proposals with the help of international expert Tilman Hoppe who has been involved in such activities under the aegis of the European Union and other organizations. The meetings aimed at the introduction of the present situation with regard to the declarations system (legal and technical aspects, resources). The expert will prepare recommendations for the monitoring system based on information obtained.

In the framework of the mission, individual meetings were held with representatives of the Civil Service Bureau, the Chancellery of the Government, the Ministry of Justice, the Revenue Service, Office of the Personal Data Protection Inspector, the National Agency of Public Registry, the Financial Monitoring Service, the State Audit Office and non-governmental organizations.

The Civil Service Bureau plans to draft concrete proposals based on the recommendations of an expert and submit to the Government of Georgia for further discussion. This process will contribute to the introduction of an asset declarations monitoring system ensuring the accountability and financial transparency of senior government officials.