Meeting on Functional Analysis with Central Governmental Institutions

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On July 9, 2015, the Civil Service Bureau with the support of the USAID program - "Good Governance Initiative" (GGI) held a meeting on functional analysis process for representatives of all central governmental institutions.

The aim of the meeting was to launch the process of the functional analysis. Earlier in 2014, the state governmental entities, local self-government agencies and Legal Entities of Public Law have been asked to provide functional analysis of their institutions in accordance with the Article 3 of the Decree N627 of Government of Georgia “On the approval of the Civil Service Reform Concept and Some Other Related Measures”. The Civil Service Bureau was determined as an entity to coordinate this process.

During the meeting, with the representatives of HR departments and civil servants in charge of policy making from all line ministries, the methodology for functional analysis and the action plan developed by the international experts were introduced.

The CSB highlighted the importance of the involvement of each governmental institution during the implementation of functional analysis.