Meeting of the Head of Civil Service Bureau - Irakli Kotetishvili with students of the University of Georgia

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The meeting of the Head of the Civil Service Bureau with students of the University Of Georgia School of Social Sciences was held on March 15, 2011, in the premises of the University of Georgia.

The primary objective of the meeting was to introduce the concept of civil service reform to students. The meeting encouraged raising public awareness about core reform processes, and contributed to the professional development of the students of the School of Social Sciences. The Civil Service Bureau, acknowledging its social responsibility, deems that cultivation of qualified professionals at the local level is key to successful public management in the future.

The meeting concentrated on the fundamental objectives and strategic directions of the Civil Service Reform in Georgia such as: application of the new public management model, elaboration and adoption of proficient and flexible legislation, introduction of E-Chancellery and E-Document flow systems, etc.

Implementation of the effective civil service system is a significant milestone for the progressive development of the state contributing to the achievement of its declared political and economic goals. The Civil Service Bureau is responsible for the elaboration (development) and execution of the civil service policy in Georgia.

It has to be mentioned that similar meetings will be held in other universities nationwide.