Discussing the Draft Concept of the Civil Service Reform with Parliament

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On the 24th of March, a new draft concept for civil service reform (the Concept) was introduced to the members of the Parliament of Georgia. During the meeting, the Concept was presented and discussed.

The Concept was prepared as a result of the analysis of the current situation, according to consultations with representatives of central and local government, civil society, academic institutions and local international experts. The concept was implemented with the initiative of the Government Chancellery and was supported by USAID.

The Concept describes 12 categories, including the rules and conditions of recruitment, the rights and duties of civil servants, the enhancement of qualifications, the determination of the remuneration system, ranking and classification, gender equality, and others.

There were many reasons behind the release of a new draft concept. Foremost was to change the service of public officials from a contract based system to a permanent placement system, to further employees' career development. Secondly, to change the attestation and evaluation systems, and finally to promote or dismiss someone.

It was also mentioned during the meeting that the Concept will be implemented by the Civil Service Bureau and will strengthen institutions through the placement of powerful enforcement mechanisms. After public discussion of the project, it will be presented to the government for adoption. The Concept will be the basis for the development of new legislation on the civil service in Georgia.