Civil Service Bureau of Georgia Introduces Mobile Version of Asset Declarations System

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The Civil Service Bureau is offering a new service for public officials and citizens - a mobile version of the asset declarations system.

Any citizen now has the opportunity to find and download a desired asset declaration quickly and easily. Public officials are able to fill in, change, or submit a declaration using various mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, et al). The new service will help citizens and public officials save time and simplify the process of finding necessary information. The mobile version of the system is an exact replica of the asset declarations web-page ( and offers the same services, contributing to the system's flexibility and availability. This important project has been implemented by the Civil Service Bureau with significant support from the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The introduction of modern e-governance systems within the Georgian civil service has been one of the priorities of the Civil Service Bureau since 2009. Accordingly, quite a number of successful projects in the field of e-governance were implemented. The Civil Service Bureau will continue to develop e-government systems in the future and introduce more new services.