150 Georgian Civil Servants Trained in E-governance

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The Civil Service Bureau of Georgia and the Chancellery of the Government of Georgia, with the support of the EU-Georgia E-Governance Facility Project, awarded certificates to 150 civil servants for their successful completion of the training course on e-governance.

150 civil servants from different state institutions have so far been trained by experts from the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, a leading institution in the field of e-governance. Civil servants were introduced to key e-governance related topics including:

• Ethics in electronic governance and protection of personal data;
• E-governance strategy formulation and project management;
• Freedom of information and proactive disclosure of information.

The closing ceremony was attended by Mr Boris Iarochevitch, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia; The e-government program manager - Philippe Bernard and the Director of the Civil Service Bureau, Mr Irakli Kotetishvili.

During the ceremony, Mr Kotetishvili emphasised "the importance of the training as a key phase in the e-governance development in Georgia". Mr Iarochevitch underlined that "the development of e-governance in Georgia can be a tremendous opportunity to increase cooperation with European counterparts engaged in the same kind of reforms, targeting freedom of information and data protection at the same time."

Since 2009, the Civil Service Bureau has actively worked on these issues and has implemented several successful projects concerning e-governance in the civil service such as a web-platform for competitions in civil service (www.hr.gov.ge) and the Online Asset Declaration System for officials (www.declaration.gov.ge), which has been recently awarded by UN Public Service Award.

The Civil Service Bureau plans to organise further training for public officials to raise their qualifications and promote the on-going development of e-governance in Georgia.