Seminar on “Enhancing the whistleblower and Witness Protection”

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Two day seminar on the topic of “Enhancing the Whistleblower and Witness Protection in corruption cases” was held by Civil Service Bureau and SIGMA in the Courtyard Marriot. Seminar was held in order to promote and strengthen the institute of the Whistleblowers and to improve the draft law.

The draft law foresees to protect people who disclose bribery amongst civil service servants. “Witness and Whistleblower can be any civil servant and he or she must have comprehensive information about wrongdoing in his organization” –stated Head of Civil Service Bureau, Irakli Kotetishvili.

The purpose of the conference was to exchange views and experiences towards the whistle blowing cases. Parties additionally discussed other methods of fighting against the corruption as well as the achievements made by the Georgian government.

Civil Service Bureau as the active initiator of fighting against corruption continues to draw out the projects and to implement them in civil service system.