Civil Service Bureau hosted a meeting with regards to ongoing reforms of Civil Service and Human Resource Management System in Georgia in the scope of NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP)

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Today the Civil Service Bureau hosted a meeting on reform and HR management in civil service with Norwegian experts and a representative of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. The members of the meeting discussed ongoing reforms of civil service, particularly the development of a modern HR management system that is an important priority for integration into NATO.

The Professional Development Programme of NATO-Georgia commission, to promote reform within its limits, is planning analysis of current legislation and fundamental issues concerning civil service for future sector development with the assistance of the Ministry of Defense of Kingdom of Norway.

The Director of the Civil Service Bureau introduced current legislation of Georgia in civil service and discussed necessary reforms to be implemented in this direction.

Parties of the meeting agreed on collaboration. On their part the Norwegian experts expressed their goodwill to share their experience in the Civil Service Reform and implementation of HR management systems.

The Director of the Civil Service Bureau held a presentation about the Online Declaration System. Included in the presentation were the main principles of the Public Officials’ Asset Declaration new online system. The system was launched on February 1, 2010; subsequent submission of declarations is performed online only. Implementation of this system is one of Georgia’s first real steps towards Electronic Governance. The passage of the Unified Electronic System simplified submission of declarations for public officials. They will not need to visit the Civil Service Bureau and submit declaration in writing. The advantage of the Electronic System is that any interested person can visit the web page and download the declaration of the public official of their choice. Administration of the Unified Electronic Systems of Assets Declaration of Public Officials is performed by the Civil Service Bureau. According to current feedback over 500 public officials have already used the mentioned system.