Research on “Public officials’ income and asset declaration verification mechanisms”

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The Civil Service Bureau conducted research concerning public official’s income and asset declaration verification mechanisms. The research is based on two study documents: “The Asset Declarations for Public Officials a Tool to Prevent Corruption” (OECD, 2011) and “The Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative” (2011). According to the international recommendations and practice of different countries, more effective and consistent declaration verification mechanisms are being implemented in Georgia.

The Civil Service Bureau conducts researches on best practice of foreign countries, as well as the current situation of civil service in Georgia. The study of best practice in foreign counties gives us the opportunity to implement and adjust the elements of such practice to the Georgian reality.

The research discusses the verification mechanisms of public officials’ income and asset declarations in different countries: America, Albania, Spain, Romania and others. Furthermore, it contains information about the sanctions for non-submission or late submission of the declarations or incorrect information submission in different countries. At the end of the research, the declaration verification mechanisms in Georgia were evaluated. It must be noted that all Senior Officials fill out their asset declarations online to the web-site, which is automatically published online and anyone is able to download a copy of the declaration for free. Such publicity of asset declarations is a very effective control mechanism.

Click here to find the research document: “Public officials’ income and asset declaration verification mechanisms”.